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Set a timer for 5 minutes to get things done.


When I'm having trouble focusing on a task, I find it helpful to set a timer for 5 minutes and simply start working on it. This technique has proven effective for me in most cases.

For example, I've been struggling to write a blog post for quite some time. I kept making excuses, telling myself I didn't have enough time or wasn't ready yet. But now, I'm actually making progress on this post by starting a timer. I know it won't be finished in just 5 minutes, but once I've started, I find it much easier to keep going and finish the task. This is what's known as the Zeigarnik effect.

Of course, there are still times when my mind is filled with other thoughts and distractions, making it hard to focus. In those cases, I find it helpful to jot down my thoughts on a piece of paper or take care of any other pressing tasks before returning to the original task. And when it's simply a matter of laziness, setting a 5-minute timer can be an excellent way to motivate myself to get started.

To help me stay on track, I often use a habit-tracking app like Streaks. This makes it easy to start a timer and keep track of my progress, giving me a sense of accomplishment as I work towards my goals.

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